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8 Tips for DIY Real Estate Sign Installation Success

8 Tips for DIY Real Estate Sign Installation Success

Putting a sign on a property you’re working with is a great way to not only advertise the property but also advertise your real estate business. It’s also a fairly cheap endeavor on top of the great marketing potential. So, this should be a basic part of every agent’s day-to-day process.

However, it’s a lot more difficult than simply jamming a sign in the ground and calling it a day. You have to worry about a number of factors, and you want to make sure the sign has the intended effect.

Today, we’re going to walk you through 8 tips that will help you with real estate sign installation in Palm Springs, and you can do it all by yourself.

Let’s get started.

1. Research Local Regulations in Palm Springs

First and foremost, you can’t just head to the property with your sign in tow and install it. There are many different regulations for signage of all kinds in practically every municipality. Some might not care about real estate signs, some might have lenient rules, and some might require you to meet a lengthy list of requirements. It varies from place to place.

You should always start this process by looking at the local requirements for open house signs in Palm Springs, or real estate signs, being placed on residential properties. It’s also important to note that the regulations you’re looking at should be for the municipality you’re placing the sign. If your business is in one county, but the home you’re selling is in another, you want the regulations for the area you’re selling the home in.


2. Purchase Required Permits

Some municipalities will require you to have a permit to install a sign. Even if it’s just a real estate sign in the yard of a property you’re managing and has the owner’s explicit permission to advertise on.

Before you buy a sign and head out to install it, make sure that you’ve not only checked local regulations, but you’ve also acquired the permits necessary to install the sign in Palm Springs. This is usually a very cheap expense, and it’s well worth it given the marketing boost your business will get.


3. Check the Ground Conditions

You don’t want to install a sign and come back a few days later to find out it fell over because the ground was soft and you didn’t take that into account.

This is easy to check. Simply see if you can shift the ground with your foot, how deeply you can do that, and if you can, make sure to drive your sign deeper and consider reinforcing it.


4. Get The Property Surveyed

To install your sign, you’ll need to do a little digging. The problem with that is there are underground gas, water, and electrical lines running through every property. If you dig blindly, you can easily rupture a gas line and create a dangerous situation, cause thousands of dollars in damage to water lines, or electrocute yourself.

The only way to protect yourself from those unfortunate circumstances is to call the local Palm Springs utility company and have the ground surveyed. This is a completely free service in most states and situations, and all it costs you is having to delay putting your sign up for a day or two. Considering the potential consequences, that's a reasonable price to pay. An even better option would be to hire a true professional to install your "for sale" signs on your Palm Springs property. Not only are they cost-effective, but there are several other benefits.


5. Choose Your Placement

Where you place the sign, and how you orient it, are extremely important if you want the sign to be effective. Obviously, you wouldn’t place it somewhere where no one would see it, but there are plenty of cases where real estate agents install their signs in ways that only expose them to drivers coming from one angle, the sign is hidden partially by a bush or tree, and other things that make it far less effective unless someone is looking very closely.

You want to position your sign in a way that makes it easily visible from most angles.

However, you also have to comply with any local regulations that affect this.


6. The Mounting Method is Key

How you mount the sign is just as important as what is on it. Some posts are really difficult to install. They're really heavy, require you to dig a hole, and don't even stand up straight when you do finally get it in.

You want a post that is sturdy and sure to stay in the exact position where you place it. It's also important that you give the sign enough room to move during a heavy wind, but not so much that it could pull the post down. This not only looks more professional but also ensures that your sign positioning stays consistent and remains as visible as possible at all times. For additional expert tips on installing realtor "for sale" signs, check out our comprehensive guide on how to install a realtor for sale sign: expert tips.


7. Use Safe Practices

When digging to install your signpost, you don’t just have to worry about underground utilities. You also have to be careful operating whatever you’re using to dig the hole and manipulate the post. Gloves, safety glasses, and proper clothing will do a lot to keep you from hurting yourself. Especially when it's dark, it can be dangerous to install a post - it's surprisingly easy to hit a finger! We definitely recommend installing your post earlier in the day when there's a good amount of light and you're feeling fresh and alert!


8. Be Mindful of Sign Placement

Finally, you need to make sure your sign isn’t endangering anyone or creating a nuisance. It shouldn’t cross onto the driveway or into the street where cars will run into it if they’re not paying attention, it shouldn’t be crammed against a stop sign or other obstacle making it hard to maintain the lawn around it, and it shouldn’t obscure any official signage from the municipality.

For the most part, local regulations will warn you about doing those things, anyway. However, if you fail to check local regulations, or the municipality doesn’t care much about signage, you’ll want to use common sense to avoid these problems.


Save Time and Effort with Install Now

Navigating through the complexities of real estate sign installation can indeed be a daunting task. It requires careful consideration of local regulations, securing permits, assessing ground conditions, and ensuring proper placement for optimal visibility. The process demands time, effort, and attention to detail. However, there's good news – you don't have to tackle this on your own.

With years of experience, Install Now has been a trusted partner for countless real estate professionals in Palm Springs. Whether it's installing "for sale" signs, open house signs, or other crucial markers, we specialize in the precise and proper installation of various real estate signage. Our seasoned team understands the intricacies of the process, ensuring your signs are securely and professionally installed. Save yourself the hassle and let Install Now handle the meticulous work of real estate sign installation. Call us today for expert service tailored to your needs.

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